No FNM on June 15

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    There will be no event this Friday. It's Jennifer's graduation ceremony. I will be there.

  • Pffft! Make Jennifer run said tournament as a grad gift. Call it a Zentner rite of passage and make all of your spawn undergo it. A number of us card floppers can attend it intoxicated to make it more trying of an experience. Makes sure that when they eventually arrives at Postle or wherever it'll be late enough that everyone there will already be smashed and she can take in how insufferable their peers are…especially after already being stuck in the shop with belligerent twenty-something* nerdlers.

    (*AND our oft-forgotten Webster-esque mascot Gord, of course)

    Seriously though, congrats. Pretty cool milestone. I remember when she was, like, [this big].

    "A great value of antiquity lies in the fact that its writings are the only ones that modern men still read with exactness."


  • Congratulations Jennifer!

    What goes up must come sideways


  • My dad made me work on the farm on my 7th birthday.

  • Unce unce unce unce

  • wubwubwubwubwubwub

    If he slaps you, punch him, If he punches you, kick him, if he kicks you, stab him, if he stabs you, shoot him, if he shoots you, you go kill his f…


  • Congratulations on achieving a feat most of us achieved 10 years or more ago
    :) Way to make us feel old
    Hell I'm older than an Alpha Lotus

    I have to wonder where the best place in the multiverse to "graduate" would be…

    Maybe the Tolarian Academy?
    I bet ravnican students regardless of affiliation attend Grad outdoors in a Selesnya Sanctuary Or at least thats where I would want it.

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