Lookin for a few magic carts

  • hi its me ure boi squidy new to magic but i got to find some carts for my deck cant find em n e were maybe u will trade me

    apreciate it thnx

    i got

    4 lilana veil
    2 lilana vess
    4 graveyard titan
    4 preimeveal titan
    4 angelics destiny
    2 terezeret agent of bolant
    2 dark slick shore
    1 stom kick noble
    1 korn the plainswalker (giant concrete gy )
    4 banslayer angel
    2 blood gast
    1 tempered steal
    4 ink mot nexis
    4 garuk wilskpeaker grean planswalker guy (the old 1 frum a long time ago)

    maybe some more i frogot the names il updait them later

    i need

    3 solem simulacram
    2 tran the troll
    1 batty skull
    4 inferno titan
    4 copiedline gorge (the land)
    4 hwip flare

    and maybe some angel stuf for a angel top decking deck i saw it on a magic vidio u no wat i mean

    o yes i do have some yugioh things good yugioh if n e ygioh players out there wana swap mtg for yugi

    not evin the king of hell could stand aginst my blade!!1


  • Squiddy my boy I got some carts you need.
    I'll trade you 4 inferno titans (20), 2 copiedline gorge (16) and 1 solem simulacram (6) for 2 Liliana veils (40)
    Keep up with the English man you're getting better than the last time I saw you.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


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