Kelowna/rutland board and table games?

  • I'm looking for anyone to play board games or table top games with.
    I would like to play tomorrow, Friday, preferably during the day.
    I would also like to find a group of people who would like to play from time to time during the early evenings.

    I have:
    Twilight Imperium
    and Core books for DnD 3.5

    I am down to play anything, I have an interest in:
    Dnd 4e
    Pathfinder (or any tabletop RPG)
    Vampire the eternal struggle (Have played, however I don't have any cards)
    Settlers of Catan (or similar)
    Any strategy games
    Any interesting board or card games.

    Please email me if you can play tomorrow, or are interested in playing early evenings in the near future. Thanks.

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