Modern Tournament!!!!

  • If anyone is interested in playing some "Modern" throw your name down on the list. I haven't set a date with Al yet, but it will most likely be a pretty small Saturday event.

    It will probably take a while to get the ball rolling for modern events, at this point it's a fairly expensive format. I just want to get a head count at this point to know how many people have Modern decks, and would be interested in some sanctioned events.

    When the list hits 8 players or more, we'll set a date and get an event rolling.

    do the usual copy/paste the list with your name added, REMEMBER THIS IS NOT A SCHEDULED EVENT JUST A HEAD COUNT

  • 1. Travis

    2. Eddie

  • Seriously, No one wants to play some Modern????????

  • Give me all the commons/uncommons pre Zendikar block used in a Pyro Ascension deck and the necessary fetch lands and I will play with you ;).

  • Did u just offer me a hand jibber for magic cards?

  • Did you just accept a hand jibber for magic cards?

  • There are probably only 5-6 people with modern decks in Kelowna, it's just not that popular of a format right now. Sorry Trav.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • I still need a few cards for the one I have, but as long as were testing for now, proxies ok?.

  • im down about 7 cards off my deck atm which ill probably order within the month

    1. Travis
    2. Ty

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  • Do you want the Darkslick Shores?

  • put me down for it. I'm Dave

  • Werd, let's get this going!

    Sign me up.

    Thanx Trav,

    "Men will beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks." _MLK


  • 1. Travis
    2. Carl
    3. Dave
    4. Ty

  • sorry, but most likely not going to happen. as gordo said, there probably just isn't enough players.

    we should probably just try to attempt a commander tournament instead as there is an already bigger community supporting it. there may even be enough players for a 2 headed giant type tournament or something.

  • We should do both

  • I be all for a commander tournament, but as the others have said: not likely to happen.

  • I would be down for a commander tourney…Just waiting for some cards to come and trades to settle.

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • you guys should start a thread with the obvious title. lol.

  • 1. Travis

    2. Carl

    3. Dave

    4. Ty

    5. Bill


  • The Modern tournament list grows!! almost there lets fill it up and get a play group started

  • put me down please
    thanks luke

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