Kyle's Trade Thread

  • Updated as of 29/02/2016



    1x Blood Crypt.
    1x Breeding Pool.
    4x Clifftop Retreat.
    3x Dragonskull Summit.
    1x Fetid Heath.
    1x Flooded Strand.
    3x Glacial Fortress.
    2x Godless Shrine.
    4x Hinterland Harbor.
    4x Isolated Chapel.
    1x Mana Confluence.
    4x Mutavault.
    1x Mystic Gate.
    4x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.
    4x Overgrown Tomb.
    1x Reflecting Pool.
    2x Sacred Foundry.
    1x Sunken Ruins.
    4x Sunpetal Grove.
    4x Temple Garden.
    4x Watery Grave.
    4x Woodland Cemetery.

    1x Blade of the Bloodchief.
    1x Duplicant.
    1x Memnarch.
    1x Mindslaver.
    1x Mox Opal.
    1x Wurmcoil Engine.

    2x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad.

    2x Angel of Serenity.

    1x Acidic Slime (FNM Promo).
    1x Dryad Arbor.
    3x Lotus Cobra.
    4x Oath of Nissa.
    1x Scavenging Ooze.
    4x Wall of Blossoms.

    3x Gifts Ungiven.

    1x Warren Instigator.

    1x Griselbrand.
    1x Lord of the Void.

    3x Geist of Saint Traft.



    Oath of the Gatewatch:
    1x Bearer of Silence (Promo).
    1x Corrupted Crossroads (FOIL).
    1x Deceiver of Form.
    1x Eldrazi Mimic.
    2x Oath of Chandra.
    2x Oath of Jace.
    2x Reflector Mage.
    5x Ruins of Oran-Rief (1x Promo).
    1x Sylvan Advocate.
    1x Tyrant of Valakut.
    2x Warping Wail.
    7x Wastes (Full Art).
    1x Zendikar Resurgent.

    Battle For Zendikar:
    1x Bring to Light.
    1x Ruinous Path.

    Magic Origins:
    1x Priest of the Blood Rite (Promo).

    Dragons of Tarkir:
    1x Clone Legion.
    2x Necromaster Dragon (1x Promo).
    1x Silumgar Assassin.

    Khans of Tarkir:
    1x Pearl Lake Ancient.
    1x Rattleclaw Mystic.

    1x Athreos, God of Passage.
    25x Shadowborn Apostle.

  • Yours
    1x Birds of Paradise
    1x Hinterland Harbour
    1x Hand of the Praetors
    1x Livewire Lash
    1x Hex Parasite
    1x Balefire Dragon

    1x Black Sun
    1x Sun titan

  • Welcome,


    Your: 1x Mox Opal $22
    1x Ratchet Bomb $8

    Total: $30

    My: 1x Champion of the Parish $6
    1x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben $5
    2x Grand Abolisher $14
    1x Despise $1

    Total $26

    And maybe find something in my binder to make up the $4?

  • Yeah, I am definitely up for that offer, you gonna be at Quantum anytime tomorrow? I can be there anytime from 10-1pm.

  • Yeah, sounds like a fair trade, if you can meet up tomorrow, let me know what time works best for you.

  • I will be there between 12 and 12:30 for sure. See you then

  • Sounds good, my number is 803-3417, text me when you get there. Also, bring your commons/uncommons if you can, I might just go for a few common human guys instead of finding a card worth 4 bucks.

  • first off is this the university student with the heartless deck?

    i have an extra

    Champion of the Parish.
    2 Honor of the Pure.
    Elite Inquisitor.
    Angelic Overseer
    woodland cemetery

    but there isnt anything i need on your list

  • That was a useful post, Shane. lol

  • If you swing by Quantum sometime between 12-1pm today, I'd be happy to trade for those cards, even if it meant buying a few singles that you want.

  • i do need a snapcaster mage they add up to around the same its one of the only cards i realy need right now i wont be in there again till next FNM on the 13th

    champion = 6
    2 x honor of pure = 7
    Elite Inquisitor = 2
    Angelic Overseer = 2.5
    woodland = 7

    adds up to $24.5
    snapcaster mage =25

  • UPDATED!!! I will be in the store tomorrow afternoon if anyone wants to make some trades.

  • Mikaeus 6


    Dungeon Geists 3
    Hellrider 3

  • That works for me, I'll be at Quantum wednesday night (the 25th) to get cards and make a couple trades, does thar work for you?

  • Hey empire,


    1x Birds of Paradise


    1x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

    Both $5. Sound good?

  • Sounds good to me, I'll be in Quantum sometime wednesday night during WNM if that works for you?

  • Im not going to be in town on the 25th. Ill be at the pre release if you plan on going there?

  • I won't be at pre-release because I am moving next thursday, but I'll be able to meet up at the store sometime around next tues-weds if that works for you?

  • No worries. Next Tues/Wed like 24/25 or 1/2? I'm gone until the Pre-Release, so it'd have to be after. I imagine I'd be at the shop on the 2nd for WNM.

  • Sounds good, I'll see you there. Name's Cody. Bald guy. Can't miss me.

  • My:
    Thalia Gaurdian of Thraben

    Hinterland Harbour

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