• While I have pretty much anything you want in terms of trading material, the reality is I'm only "primarily" looking for another Liliana at the moment (and maybe another entomb). That's not to say I wouldn't trade for other things as well, but she's the focus of this thread. In addition, the things in the "what I have" is what I'm primarily looking to get rid of, but I'll trade basically anything at all listed below.

    What I want:
    Liliana of the Veil
    Vault of the Archangel

    What I have:

    1x Geist of St. Traft,
    1x Sword of War and Peace,
    3x Huntmaster of the Fells,
    2x Past in Flames,
    2x Darkslick Shores (and all the other Scars dual lands)
    1x Elbrus the Binding Blade

    Additional Cards I have for trade if you'd prefer

    4x Hero of Bladehold
    2x Angelic Destiny
    8x Swords to Plowshares
    2x Mikaeus the Lunarch
    3x Puresteel Paladin
    3x Privileged Position

    3x birds o' paradise
    4x Worldly Tutor

    1x Dungeon Geists
    1x Mystical Tutor
    8x Mental Misstep

    1x Chandra the firebrand
    1x Koth of the Hammer
    1x Chandra's Phoenix
    3x Slagstorm

    3x Phyrexian Crusader
    3x Bloodline Keeper
    3x Bloodlord of Vaasgoth
    4x Despise
    1x Cabal Therapy
    3x Will-o-the-wisp
    4x Hymn to Tourach
    1x Inquisition of Kozilek
    3x Avatar of Woe
    2x Liliana Vess
    2x Massacre Wurm

    3x Akroma's Memorial
    1x Grimoire of the Dead
    1x Sword of Feast and Famine
    1x Sword of Fire and Ice
    5x Mirari

  • My:

    Liliana of the Veil


    3x Birds O Paradise

    2x Darkslick Shores

  • Darkslick Shores are 20 bucks apiece now (40).
    Liliana is 35.
    However, I am prepared to trade straight across the two darkslick shores for Liliana and ignore the 5 dollar difference.

  • I didnt look at the price…Umm...yah I'm down for the Darkslicks for a lil. But I also need the birds, what else are you looking for other then the vault and entomb cuz I dont have those.

  • Not really looking for much else in particular, but if you bring your rares with you (or if you have a listing on here) then I'll browse and see. As I said, I'm mostly interested in liliana.

  • Just text me when you want to meet up. 250-826-5025

  • Here are a couple other things I could use too:

    Serra Ascendant
    Serra Avenger
    Bassandra, Battle Seraph
    Vault of the Archangel
    Indominable Angel
    Baneslayer Angel
    Innocent Blood

  • Hey Sachora,

    Excuse me if I'm digging up an old thread (couldn't tell if it was dead, but thought I'd give a go anyway).

    I'd be interested in picking up two of your Huntmasters. I've got a Liliana, a Vault of the Archangel, and an Innocent Blood (pretty sure).

    Let me know if you're interested in working something out.

  • We can just trade straight across if that works for you, I'll swing by Quantum next wednesday night during WNM for some trades and to buy a couple cards if that works for you.

    (1) Massacre Wurm.

    For My:
    (1) Vault of the Archangel.

  • It basically was dead as I'm not on here very often, but that's okay.

    I'd be happy to trade you a huntmaster, but obviously can't let 2 go for just the vault and the liliana, but if you see anything else on my list you'd like to add for just 1 huntmaster then I'd be happy to do that trade.

    If you want 2x huntmasters, then here are some other things I might also be interested in (if you have them):

    basilisk collar
    serra avenger
    oracle of mul daya
    eldrazi temple

  • I've never actually gone to FNM or WNM. What time do they start? I might go this week for some trades

  • They usually start at 6, but you should be there at 5:30ish. I won't be going for WNM, just gonna swing by there at 9ish to make some trades and get some cards.

  • Hey Sachora, <br /><br />I've got a Gravecrawler I can add to the pot. Here's what I've got on the table:<br /><br />Lilianna of the Veil 28<br />Vault of the Archangel 3.5<br />Gravecrawler 8<br />Innocent Blood 1.5<br /><br />That looks like that it puts me about $8-10 shy of two Huntmasters ($50?) Please check my math (I'm a little uncertain on the trade value of Lili, since it seems to change quite significantly each day.)<br /><br />I've got a bunch of <a href="""" target="_blank">cards, new and old, posted.</a> Let me know if there's anything I can trade to make up the difference. <br /><br />Thanks very much!

  • How about one of your Isochron Scepters ($7) and the birthing pod ($3.50) to make up the difference?

  • Works for me - done deal. Will you be dropping into WNM then? Or the pre-release? If not, let me know, and we can work out an exchange place / time.

    Nice doing business with you.

  • I'll be at the pre-release for sure, but I can always still come to WNM if that's easier. Or you can text me and we can meet up before then if you want the cards earlier. 250-826-5025

  • I'd be stoked to get the cards into my deck before WNM. I'll send a text tomorrow, to see what's convenient (04/22).


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