PWP - Season 1 - ENDS April 1st

  • Hey - I know not many people are into this, but there's some good reasons to grind points. If you get 300 points for season 1 you'll get an invite to the 3 World Cup Qualifiers for Canada this year. There's no other way to get in (for us).

    From my other thread, as of today:

    Garrett - 358 (570)
    Cameron - 138 (220)
    Chris - 123 (200)
    Blake - 118 (190)
    Gordo - 118 (190)
    Cory - 106 (170)
    Josh - 80 (130)
    Tyson - 76 (120)
    Art - 73 (115)

    A few of us will be able to get 300 points, but we'll have to make a dedicated effort at doing so - this means around 1 additional event per week. All you need is 8 people, so maybe Sunday or Saturday afternoon we could make a tournament? We can alternate between limited/standard if money is a concern, but Al has mentioned that we could do this, and I'm sure if we be sure to throw him some business while we occupy his store, it'd be OK.

    Even if we did a $3 buyin, we could do a 3-2-1 pack payout for 1st-2nd-3rd.

    Just some thoughts. Drop a line here if you would be interested in playing some more, getting experience, testing new decks and helping some people get to worlds. :)


  • Wow Garrett. I'm kinda wishing I went to Korea/China for a bit just to rack up that many points.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • planeswalker

  • World Cup Qualifiers, Canada, 2012:

    April 21, Montreal @ Game Keeper
    June 2, Oshawa (Toronto) @ Skyfox Games
    June 9, Calgary @ The Sentry Box

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