Saturday Draft: 1pm Feb 25

  • Saturday Draft: 3 rounds swiss.
    Prizes: 1st: 4 packs, 2nd: 2 packs, 3-4th: 1 pack. I bought a box, you can get whatever you want from this box (one third ISD, two thirds DKA) until the box is empty.
    Boosters: DKA-ISD-DKA (OR ISD-ISD-DKA if people want)
    Buyin: $15 or 4 packs (ISD/DKA).
    Raredraft after: We'll vote on this, day of.

    Signup: Post your name on this list only if you're 100% to show up. If you're a maybe, put your name on the waitlist. Copy and paste it into your post. Also: I don't do credit or "I'll pay you back later" stuff. Bring cash or packs, please.

    Saturday Feb 25:
    1. Chris (Dax)


  • If there is demand for it, we can do two drafts: one starting at 10 am, the next when the 10am finishes. We'll have to keep a tight time schedule, though, which means 15 minutes to deckbuild and 45 minute rounds.

    Post if you're interested in playing a 10 am round so I know who's interested.

  • Oh, and lastly, for anyone grinding PW points, these will be sanctioned events if we get 8 players.

  • Lol grinding PWP in Kelowna seems loose.

    Troll extraordinaire. PT Paris scrub out.


  • Points (on pace for):

    Garrett - 358 (570)
    Cameron - 138 (220)
    Chris - 123 (200)
    Blake - 118 (190)
    Gordo - 118 (190)
    Cory - 106 (170)
    Josh - 80 (130)
    Tyson - 76 (120)
    Art - 73 (115)

    So aside from Garrett, we're all pretty much behind the curve for getting a GP bye next season. 300 points is one bye, 600 is two, 1200 is three.

    Schedule of nearby GPs this year:

    March 3: Seattle (no byes)
    June 23: Vancouver (season 1 total)
    Oct 13: San Fran (season 2 total)

    So basically, if you want a bye in Vancouver in June, you need to get to 300 points before April 1st.

    Grinding PWP doesn't seem that loose, espescially since with a bit of effort, a bunch of us are close. Winning an 8-man sanctioned event is 10 points. Doesn't seem like that much effort to get together some weekday 8man booster or constructed tournaments.

  • I never think of grinding for 1 bye. Hardly seems worth it, haha.

    Troll extraordinaire. PT Paris scrub out.


  • I am pretty sure that I can play Saturday, not sure if I would want to do two drafts though. But yeah, count me in unless I say otherwise.

    Saturday Feb 25:
    1. Chris (Dax)
    2. oceanwolf (Josh)


  • No dice for tomorrow, not enough interest.

    See you guys at the game day.

  • Hey, just got a box of DKA today and would rather draft it, then open up all the boosters. So anyone for draft this Saturday or Sunday?

    Also, anyone interested in starting a pauper league?

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