Saturday Drafts: To Raredraft or Not to Raredraft, That is the Question

  • Thoughts on this? For those who don't know, raredrafting (redrafting) is the process of a booster draft that you don't keep what you pull, instead all the rares go into a pool and you get to pick out of the pool based on your finish in the draft.

    It rewards skill, in the sense that you don't pull a card that's outside of your archetype, and it punishes newer players who might not expect to do well but just want to have some fun playing some games and maybe pick up a couple good cards.

    Since some people feel strongly about it ("…if I pull a Sorin, I'm just leaving..."), we should settle this before we draft next.

    An idea I just heard about: the exclusion raredraft. If you open a pack with a rare you want to keep, you keep the pack and immediately buy another and replace it, and draft from the new pack. Raredraft at the end. You can't play with the pack that "becomes yours".


    1. Raredraft (redraft the rares after based on your finish).
    2. Keepdraft (keep what you pull).
    3. Exclusion Raredraft (if you pull a chase, you buy another pack and replace it).
    4. Modified Raredraft (a few cards are excluded [Sorin, Snap, Huntmaster, Lily, Garruk], you keep one of these and we raredraft the rest).

  • I like the idea of an exclusion raredraft. Should there be a limit to how many packs you can keep opening? I don't think so, but I thought I would bring it up just in case. Oh, I also think if we are going for this exclusion raredraft, there shouldn't be packs in for the prize pool, it should simply be a raredraft at the end.

    If we don't do the exclusion raredraft, we should probably just stick to keeping what we pull and then do packs for prizes to keep it fair for everyone.

    Also, who would be up for like some Monday or Tuesday night constructed? Al, was mentioning we could play sanctioned events if we could round up a whopping 8 people, so why not try playing another day of the week? Should we start a new thread to discuss this?

  • Hey, I'm down for more magic events I can attend, I would like to do some drafting sometime, or even more constructed, but my only days off are tues/wed/thur. Once i'm moved i'll be in for going to some WNM's but I'd also like to find time once i get the last few cards for it to actually play some EDH if there was a time people would want to get together on one of my off days for EDH

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