Cards for oceanwolf (josh)

  • Hey yo what's up ladies? I have wants and desires, please fulfill them:

    2x Whipflare
    2x Slagstorm

    So that is pretty much everything I am looking for to complete the deck I want to use this Friday. I have a fairly extensive list of cards available for trade, so rather than type them out how's about you let me know what you need and I will let you know if I have it.

    Thank you,
    Joshua David Casorso

  • soo i have

    3x bloodline keeper =$18
    1x Sphere of the suns =$1

    do you have

    1x glacial fortress =$6
    1x darkslick shores =$12

    let me know

  • Well if it is just the one Glacial Fortress you want, I have that. One Glacial Fortress for one Bloodline Keeper? If you need more than one let me know.

    Oh and who is kronzilla?

  • i need glacials, drowned catacombs, isolated chapels. have any of those as well? and this is kyle #2

  • Well I have up to 4x Isolated Chapels and 4x Glacial Fortress for trade. So if you would like a combination of either let me know. I would prefer to get rid of the Glacial Fortress though.

  • 3x bloodline keeper
    1x sphere of the suns


    1x isolated chapel
    1x glacial fortress
    1x random $2 jank

    does this work?

  • Sounds good. I will update my list then.

    You will be at the shop on Friday?

  • yeh ill be there

  • Copperline Gorge 8.00


    Gravecrawler 8.00?

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • Hey Josh,

    I have 1 Grafdigger's Cage for trade. Take a look at my trade thread for my want's list. Let me know if you can work out a trade.


  • Hey sounds good. Who is this?

  • Well, well, well Chris, looks like I have a couple of Honor of the Pure for your Grafdigger's Cage.

  • It's Corey. See you friday

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • Sounds good Josh, see you Friday.

  • OK, seriously people, where are the Whipflare's and Slagstorm's? PLZ! If you have either, bring them tomorrow.

    I happen to need two of each if anyone is wondering.

  • yo, can we change up our trade a little? I don't think i need the chapel anymore so maybe just 3x glacial fortress instead? and still the sphere on my end. Let me know if this is ok

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