Dusting off the cards and books

  • Hello to all! Havn't had much of a group of people to play DnD or MtG with since alot of my firends moved to van for schooling. I was in quantum this weekend and saw a decent number of people doing the tea and draft? Made me want to reach out and find some new people to start playing with again, so here i am! Looking forward to coming out to some drafts, tournies, 2 headed giant and having some fun!

    P.s. DnD 4th anyone need 1 more?

  • Hey, if you still need someone for 4e, 250-575-7987, I'm free fridays and early evenings.

  • Not D&D, but we have a little group here in kelowna, meeting on alternate saturdays, using the universalis system (AFMBE)..check out our campaign site..
    Send me a message on there if you want to come check it out…
    It's not 4e, I know, but other systems are fun too; savage worlds is great, mutants & masterminds is nice and simple (for a d20 system), AFMBE is a blast and even Deadlands can be fun with the right group.

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  • We've got a great role playing game going every Saturday night…..moslty 40+ but any strong role player welcome!

    Really need one or two to jump in a great campain where role playing is chief and realisim is king.

    Email me at hwy2666@gmail.com to find out more!

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