Caturday tournaments/celebration of Quantum's anniversary?

  • I remember that Al mentioned something about this. Personally, I would prefer to see a standard tournament on Saturdays that follow limited format FNMs.

    I am not feeling up to extended, since it is basically a flashback of Lorwyn Standard, which I hated, but to each their own.

    Sorry if there was already a poll or something for this.

    Al might also have something planned, but some sort of thing for Quantum's upcoming anniversary should be done. I am sure that wargamers will be interested too. It's pretty crazy how long Al has been in bidness for and it should be celebrated this year, methinks.

    A 19+ thing might be cool too, but I don't know how feasible that would be, but there is a pretty big base of customers who have grown-up going to Quantum, so brews and kicking it, playing games could be cool.

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  • when is the anniversary?

    What goes up must come sideways


  • Yes, I am also curious as to when this anniversary might be. Would definitely like to get pissed and play some board games with K-towns number one supplier for all us gaming junkies.

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