Looking for proactive (very)semi-reactive GSN style players to help create a game!

  • Hi, my name is Shane and I have been playing/dming for 30 years or so..lol… and I am looking to join a group and/or create one of my own...
    I have experience with AD&D, shadowrun and many others. I'm actually looking to expand my horizons a bit too, mainly by reading/trying new systems like "All Flesh Must Be Eaten" and even trying my hand at writing one, prompted by my wife, based on "Walking Dead".
    Any way, email me if you are looking for players or wanna join a new, exciting and player-focused group..
    I look forward to hearing from you, thanx

    I have a few milieu ideas...
    ...Post-apocalypse near-future, ala Terminator Salvation, humanity fighting back from the brink,

    ...Modern Zombie infection, ala Walking Dead, trying to get to some (imagined) safety,

    ...Medieval Swords & Sorcery Epic, Dragonlance-style, Characters destined for greatness (or doom for all?),

    ...Future, Space-borne, colonial settlers fighting off the K'zinti menace, limited space travel and world-world contact/movement,

    ...Many others, and probably more after we talk about what you like!

    as you can read, I am very interested in Creating a group to explore some game-worlds and characters...
    Lets see if we can't make a story together!!

    "You are only young once, but you can be immature forever!"


  • A little disappointed over here…
    Thought there were SOME interested gamers out there!
    Guess there are just no openings? or willing players? or people not attached to D&D...by the brain sometimes, I think...free your mind!...play out of your zone!..try something new, for Frak's sake!!...
    anyway...just had to let that out...

    Here is a semi-complete list of all the systems I have available...
    AD&D 2nd Ed. RPG (Fantasy, Old School Style)
    Blue Planet RPG (SciFi)
    Challenger RPG (Fantasy)
    *(I have this/Won't GM it/Will play it)*D&D 3/3.5/PFRPG (Fantasy)
    d6 RPG (SciFi/Mod/Fantasy)
    DeadlySimpleUniversalRolePlayingSystem RPG (Generic)
    Dog Town RPG (Modern)
    Fate Worse Than Death - Spare Change Edition RPG (Modern)
    FourColor/Marvel SuperHeroes RPG (Supers)
    Marvel Universe RPG (Supers)
    Infernum RPG (In Hades)
    Paranoia 1/2/5/XP RPG (It's Paranoia!)
    Shadowrun Ver.3 RPG (SciFantasy)
    Simply Roleplaying RPG (Generic)
    Stars Without Number RPG (SciFi)
    Swords & Wizardry RPG (Fantasy, More Old School Style)
    The Artifact RPG (SciFi)
    Unisystem RPG - (Pretty much anything, I think...)
    -All Flesh Must Be Eaten (Modern/SciFi/Fantasy/Horror+Zombies!)
    -Armageddon (Modern/Post-Apocalypse)
    -Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Modern/Horror)
    -Terra Primate (Planet of the Apes/ Generic)
    -Witchcraft (Modern/Horror)
    -Conspiracy X 2.0 (Modern/Spy)
    -Star Frontiers (SciFi)
    -Swordplay & Sorcery (Fantasy)
    -Cinematic (TV Show)
    -City of Heroes (Supers)
    Warcraft RPG (Yep, warcraft)
    Warrior, Rogue & Mage RPG (Fantasy)
    WitchCraft RPG (Modern/Horror)
    Active Exploits Diceless RPG (Generic)
    TriStat dX RPG (Generic)

    I haven't really looked at these too closely, but they are supposed to be fun to play..so I've read, anyway...
    Impossible Missions
    In A Wicked Age
    In Nomine
    Iron Heroes
    Iron Kingdoms
    Iron Gauntlets
    Iron Claw
    Irradiated Fur
    It's A Dogs Life

    As you can see...not all games are created equal...come play something new!

    "You are only young once, but you can be immature forever!"


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