Twilight Imperium Game

  • Hey Everyone,

    My name is Dave and I will be hosting a Twilight Imperium game on December 30th at my house. I am looking for people who have played this game before at this time. Also people who have endured some, or most of the rules are welcome as well. For If you're interested please send me an E-mail for event location and details. (


  • Dave,

    I am busy on the 30th as it is a Friday and I play Friday Night Magic at the shop on those nights. However, I have played Twilight Imperium a few times before and love it. I would like to play it sometime if you ever host another game again. Let me know if you plan on having another session :) Also, I have a few other board games in the strategy genre if there is any interest in playing other games as well. Drop me a message if anything comes up and you are looking for another player. My name is Steve and I frequent the shop on Fridays, or I can be reached on here.



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