What other tcg/ccgs have we played?

  • So aside from MTG (as we have a main section for that hah), what other games have we played, and or what other cardgames do we currently play?

    For example, I've enjoyed Pokemon & Digimon quite a bit, but I was mostly into collecting that stuff, rather than actually playing the games. When it came to games that I legitimately played, that'd be Score's DBZ/GT game & Yugioh, the latter of which that's still around.

    Alas poor DBZ, I played it, a fellow of skillful gameplay…

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  • DBZ episode guide cards

    Pokemon have original set still mint condition

    Marvel cards

    Hockey cards

    Baseball cards

  • I learned about magic at a Pokemon get together thing back in 1999. I started out playing Pokemon, the started magic, then played some Yugioh in between, and now I'm back to only magic.

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  • My first CCG I think was Star Wars. I really have almost no recollection about the game or the cards anymore though. I played it…....maybe 16 years ago. I also got cards from Jyhad/Vampire The Eternal Struggle, but never actually had a chance to play it. And then I tried Legend Of The 5 Rings on and off for a few years, but the community for that game was small and the game itself had very little in the way of support. Still though I think the flavour of L5R was sweet and it was super interesting. I still have about 5000 L5R cards since they are worth next to nothing and hard to find buyers for.

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  • I had some pokemon, I still have most of them. Some lady bought all my energy from me on ebay though.
    So even if i wanted a deck I wouldn't be able to.

    Plus i bet even with my "Ancestral BillCall" and "Professor Wheeloffortune" I wouldnt know how to play in todays game.

  • Yeah, I wouldn't even know where to begin in regards to Pokemon. I still have a bunch of my cards, but they're basically just there to look pretty at this point haha.

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  • For myself, I've played Yu-Gi-Oh for quite some time. Moved from alberta where it was big for some time, continued playing here, then had Gordo ankle-bite me into trying magic (beat him BTW). Hooked Ever since.

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