Rutland area players for test/practice matches

  • Just moved back to comparative civilization(Planet roads off of springfield). I don't have wheels, but anywhere in Rutland is fairly easy to get to.

    I'm down for games tonight contact via muh celly-
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  • Are you still looking to join anything? I need players and would like to start something soon. I have lots of RPG systems on my laptop, and I am interested in running something new to me…I am really wanting to play in my 25 year old homebrew world (created using AD&D 2nd Ed.), system doesn't really matter, more the players...proactive by preference, reactive when necessary. I was looking to get a meet and greet going with any interested players before the end of Jan, if you are interested. email me if you are interested in meeting, thanx,

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  • I beleive Alex is referring to Magic testing and not other games. But Alex can confirm that himself.

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