Humpsfreely's trade place

  • Needs:

    sacred foundry x2


    blind Obedience x2
    rest in peace x3 (trade pending)

    for trade

    planes walkers:

    2 jace memory adept
    1 tamiyo the moon sage


    3 runechanters pike
    6 mannor gargoyle
    1 sands of delirium
    2 witchbane orb
    1 helvault
    1 jar of eyeballs
    2 grimoire of the dead
    1 trading post
    2 moonsilver spear (1 foil 1 promo foil)


    5 call to the grave
    5 endless ranks of the dead
    4 ravenous deamon (2 promo foil)
    2 demonic rising
    4 unbreathing horde
    3 army of the damned
    6 zombie apocalypse (1 foil)
    2 curse of death's hold
    1 dark imposter
    4 fiend of the shadows
    2 deamonlord of ashmouth
    3 mikaeus the unhallowed
    4 curse of misfortunes
    2 sever the bloodline
    2 increasing ambition
    1 gloom surgeon
    1 dread slaver
    1 xanthrid gorgon
    1 mutilate
    1 killing wave (full art foil)


    7 nevermore
    5 angel of flight alabaster
    5 dearly departed
    1 geist honored monk
    4 angelic overseer
    5 divine reckoning (1 foil)
    1 angel of jubilation
    1 rhox faithmander
    2 seance
    3 stony silence
    2 requiem angel
    1 sudden disapperance
    2 divine deflection


    1 devils play
    3 curse of stalked prey
    1 stromkirk noble
    2 falkenrath marauders
    1 burn at the stake
    4 inceasing vengeance
    2 past in flames
    1 curse of bloodletting
    1 charmbreaker devils
    4 moonveil dragon
    4 heretics punishment
    2 balefire dragon
    3 flayer of the hatebound (1 foil)
    2 alpha brawl
    5 markov blademaster
    1 dual casting
    1 archwing dragon
    2 rite of ruin


    3 creeping renaissance
    1 mayor of avebruck
    3 vorapede
    1 primal surge
    2 wild defiance
    4 ghoul tree (1 foil)
    4 deranged outcast
    3 splinterfright
    2 incrasing savagery
    2 tree of redemption
    4 gutter grime
    2 kessig cagebreakers
    2 elder of laurels
    3 lost in the woods
    1 feed the pack


    5 laboratory maniac
    5 undead alchemist
    1 captain of the mists
    5 clone
    1 counterlash (foil)
    1 mirror-mad phantasm
    1 ludevic's test subject
    1 geralf's mindcrusher
    1 arcane melee
    4 lone revenant
    3 sturmgeist
    4 rooftop storm
    2 crackling counterpart
    4 back from the brink
    5 havengul runebinder
    3 curse of echoes
    4 increasing confusion
    1 beguiler of wills
    1 lunar mystic
    1 spirit away (foil)
    1 spelltwine
    3 sphinx of uthuun


    3 evil twin
    1 grimgrin, corpse-born
    2 olivia voldaren
    1 geist of saint traft
    1 havengul lich


    1 sulfur falls
    1 woodland cemetery
    1 rootbound crag
    1 sunpetal grove
    2 gavony township

    Non Standard:

    there is a chance if your looking for something from scars forward i might have it whats listed is what i have more then 4 of or its a foil


    2 lashwrithe
    5 thopter assembly
    8 myr welder
    1 chimeric mass
    1 decimator web
    2 mirrorworks
    1 mindslaver


    1 mirran crusader (foil)
    2 honor of the pure
    1 personal sanctuary
    1 phyrexian unlife
    1 mesa enchantress


    2 red sun zenith (1 foil)
    1 bludgeon brawl
    1 warstorm surge
    4 cerebral eruption
    5 hellkite igniter (1 foil)
    1 hero of oxid ridge (foil)


    2 phyrexian vatmother
    2 Rune-Scarred Demon
    5 dismembers
    3 royal assassin
    1 sutured ghoul
    1 glistening oil (foil)
    1 councellor of the dross (foil)


    5 creeping corrosion
    1 birds of paradise


    2 cryptoplasm
    3 grand architect
    3 dissipation field
    1 phantasmal image

    multi colour cards:

    2 tezzeret, agent of bolas


    2 contested war zone

  • Yo
    1x Consecrated Sphinx


    1x Batterskull?

    Both $15.

  • works for me flinty

  • cool, when do you need it by?

  • no real rush whenever i see you next works unless you need right away iam trying to get into fnm so could be fri or saturday if we all gather at donnys again

  • Need your birds, got lots of your wants but nothing of that value.

    • Get Rich or Die Try'in -

  • yeah I don't need it right away, i'm trying for FNM too so probably do it up then

  • i got a m12 primeval titan $15 for a promo hero of bladehold also $15and a
    inferno titan $4
    birds of paradise $3
    something amounting to around $8
    for another promo hero of bladehold
    is there anything or things you want around that amount

  • Well i want what your offering but can't find anything on the list close to 8$, first part sounds good, maybe you got some hidden treat that's not on ur list?

    • Get Rich or Die Try'in -

  • there are some things that arnt on there because there a little harder to part with lol what are you looking for i will see if i have it or them

  • Just so you know shane.. You can't offer cash for cards on the forums…

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • I have an extra hero and sun titan.

    here's my thread see if you are willing to give up any of the shit on my list…

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • I got an Isolated Chapel and I'm looking for a Sulfur Falls. Sound good to you?

  • did not know that thanks

  • ya that works for me cutface

  • 1 snapcaster
    2 angelic destiny
    3 day of judgement


    1 lily of the veil foil

    ?? ill be there tnight if ur interested.

  • you got a batterskull on the block still? or is that going to flintoft

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • Cool, when can we meet up? You going to Quantum tonight?

  • next time i have time is for friday if thats cool

  • ya i will do that for very sexy looking foil lily i will be there friday for fnm if that works for you

  • ya adam was quick on the draw on that one maybe 5-10 min after i made my forum lol

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