Seattle PTQ

  • So there is a sealed PTQ in Seattle on December 10th. Anyone planning on going? I think I would like to go, but of course I will need to bum a ride.

    If you are interested please let me know and also if you have a car available.

    -oceanwolf (josh'theyellowdart'casorso)

  • Screw you guys. I'll just walk there then. Don't expect anything after I win it though.

  • lol. I'd like to go but it's a bit long for a winner-take-all event, and .. ya know, coquihalla and snow ..

    Good luck if you go, though!

  • josh,

    I think you walked away by accident with my moorland haunt and a razorverge thicket on friday. we were thinking about a trade for grand abolisher…I recall you took the moorland out but we never completed the trade.

    sorry I don't have your number or I'd have called

    "Men will beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks." _MLK


  • didn't you get the grand abolisher off of me? i don't see it in my binder.

  • I traded Eddy for one and another from someone new-ish I can't remember their name. Had 2 already. Though I wouldn't have traded the razorverge considering I traded for gavony townships that night, and I recall not wanting to trade the moorland for the token making ability. Not to mention that the g/w land is worth more than the abolisher. The only reason I know razorverge is missing is because I put little stickers in my binder to show where things were. I was hoping you were the one that got it so I could track it down. I recall the moorland discussion, but the rest is bit blurry. D:

    Anyways if you can have a look to see if you have either I'd be appreciative.


    "Men will beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks." _MLK


  • well i know i wouldn't have wanted your razorvorge to begin with as i already have my playset of them. our trade was the moorland and a blackcleave cliffs for the abolisher which i definitely don't have anymore.

    did you trade it with someone else maybe?

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