Seeking mature players…

  • Veteran DM, 25+ years. Running hybrid Hârnmaster/D&D Next/house rules. System is rather graphic.

    My gaming focus is on immersive plots, intrigue, fun action, strategy, and deep character roleplaying. No hack'n'slash.

    I prefer to play with fellow normal human beings, so if you're proud to be weird and constantly brag about all your amazing characters and their exploits, we probably won't get along.

    We're alternating weekends with an AFTERMATH! campaign, so that game has openings too.

    Email me.

  • I'm interested, but I warn you I'm pretty green. I'm doing some research on the game, but if you don't mind having to show me the ropes a bit, I'd like to play.

  • Currently playing on the west side, mostly Saturdays.

  • Sorry I missed this. I don't check the forum, hence the email. If you're still interested please email me.

    Same goes for all…I'm not adverse to adding several more players. Please read game description.


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