Trav's Trade Thread

  • Updated August 8/2013


    URGENT2xshadow of doubt

    3x garruk primal hunter

    2x Ajani vengeant

    2x ral Zarek

    2x tibalt

    2x domri rade

    2x Karn Liberated

    3x extirpate

    2x griselbrand

    2x bloodghast

    3x deathcloud

    4x living end

    1x gifts ungiven

    1x frost titan

    3x aetherling

    1x temporal mastery

    2x life from the loam

    3x primeval titan

    2x thrun, the last troll

    1x revillark

    1x elesh norn

    1x angel of serenity

    1x kataki, war's wage

    1x wrath of god

    4x voice of resurgence

    2x knight of the reliquary

    1x wilt leaf liege

    1x gaddock teeg

    1x armada wurm

    2x assemble the legion

    2x maelstrom pulse

    2x figure of destiny

    2x stirring wildwood

    3x valakut, the molten pin

    4x Adarkar Wastes

    4x Brushland

    4x Karplusan Forest)

    4x Sulfurous Springs)

    4x Underground River

    4x Battlefield Forge

    4x Caves of Koilos

    4x Llanowar Wastes

    3x Yavimaya Coast

    4x fetid heath

    4x flooded grove

    4x rugged prairie

    4x twilight mire

    3x dryad arbor

    4x Graven cairns

    4x Grove of the burnwillows

    4x horizon canopy

    3x Nimbus maze

    4x River of tears

    If you don't have what I'm looking for, mention what you're interested in and I'll check your list for other cards I might want.


    NEW MODERN MASTERS ADDITIONS note, some of these "new additions" may be FOILSs, not organized yet…

    1x Keiga, the Tide Star

    1x Ryusei, the Falling Star

    1xGrand Arbiter Augustin IV

    1x Kira, Great Glass-Spinner

    1xMeloku the Clouded Mirror

    1xMolten Disaster

    1xOona, Queen of the Fae

    2xRude Awakening

    1xSkeletal Vampire

    -If you need Modern masters uncommons, I may have them just ask. Too much work to list.

    2x manamorphose

    1x ratchet bomb

    2x Day of Judgement

    2x leyline of sanctity

    1x inkmoth nexus

    1x restoration angel

    1x inquesition of koz

    1x spellskite

    2x phantasmal image

    1x black sun's zenith

    2x drowned catacomb

    3x sunpetal grove

    1x rootbound crag foil

    4x blackcleve cliffs

    1x lavaclaw reaches foil

    3x copperline gorge

    1x hinterland harbor

  • Thread was cleaned, this was the last post…

    @ Adam, I screwed up on my Solemn's I thought I had 4 so I could part with 1, turns out I already did that,I only have 3.

    I'll dig some stuff up for you and we'll work it out at FnM. I'm sure I can find you a solemn, I definitely have the GsZ. The Mirran Crusader is from my play-set but its the only non-foil copy so... I guess its for trade. If you see any foil Mirran Crusaders kickin' round let me know tho.

    @Corey, I don't have anything off of your needs list atm, maybe we can work something out at FnM

  • 2nd…

    Offer still stands since it has been deleted:
    1x Geist of Saint Traft (20)
    1x Sunpetal Grove (3)
    1x IOU (4)


    1x Green Sun's Zenith (8)
    1x Solemn Simulacrum (10)
    1x Mirran Crusader (8)

    Unless I can find a Relentless or WaP, of course. We shall figure it out.

    You totally beat me to 1st post, I am disappoint.

  • Sounds good I'll work on the Solemn. I have some bucks owed to me from last weeks trades so it should be figureoutable on friday

  • Right on

  • 1 isolated chapel


    heartless summoning
    reaper of the abyss

    does that add up price wise?

    If he slaps you, punch him, If he punches you, kick him, if he kicks you, stab him, if he stabs you, shoot him, if he shoots you, you go kill his f…


  • Yeah Kafka that sounds good, I didn't see your name on the sign up list for Friday when is a good time to meet at the shop?

  • Um really anytime during the day I only work nights

    If he slaps you, punch him, If he punches you, kick him, if he kicks you, stab him, if he stabs you, shoot him, if he shoots you, you go kill his f…


  • okay tomorrow at noon works for me can we do that?

  • for sure see ya then

    If he slaps you, punch him, If he punches you, kick him, if he kicks you, stab him, if he stabs you, shoot him, if he shoots you, you go kill his f…


  • Hey i got a grave titan for a spellskite, don't know what you need me to add.

    • Get Rich or Die Try'in -

  • sorry man I just traded the spellskite, just gonna take it off the list.

  • Yo Tman what are you thinkin about that trade? I wasn't able to come up with Garruk/WaP yet. It'll kinda determine what I play tonight tho if we're going thru with the offer

  • All I have is the Crusader and the GSZ = 16.00 you can have 'em both, we'll work it out tonight. I'm not using either card so worst case scenario you can use them till we get the trade figured out.

  • Hm ok, well one is for one deck and one is for another haha but ya sounds good, thnx bra… I can toss in a Sunpetal and then I'd owe you $9 right?

  • yeah I want the sunpetal forsure, and I'll find some stuff outta your binder so you don't gotta owe me any dolla dolla bills

  • aaaaight cool

  • hey trav i have a relentless that im willing to part with let me know if you still need it.

    OMNISHRED… We're Gonna Need A Bigger Sword.


  • hey travis do you by any chance have a geist of saint traft for trade or a snapcaster mage? I have some of the things you need like the black sun zeniths and a copperline gorge but i just didnt really see anything in your trade list i needed.

    Let me know :D

  • Yeah I'm actually needing it as soon as possible, what are you looking for right now list some stuff I'll let you know what if I have that's not listed on the trade thread.

  • I could really use that Copperline, anything around the 10.00 area you're looking for right now??

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