New trade thread cleaning policy

  • Ok so I have a solution to messy threads.
    If you need your thread cleaned post here and it will be cleaned.Following your post the entire thread will be cleaned via deletion. So make sure you back up your list or it will be gone. After your thread is gone you may post a new thread to replace the old one. Once I see the post here I will assume that you are ready to have your thread deleted, and will not feel sorry for anyone who did not understand what was mentioned above. I will only delete threads with 6+ pages of posts, if you have less to bad. Also give at least 12 hours for deletion to be completed.

    I will also mention it is not the job of the moderator to clean threads, with the exception of a few circumstances:

    A spam-bot weasled its way in.

    Offensive or Crude posts (with the exception of a good dirty joke)

    Hostile posts to fellow TCG players.

    But because I am a nice guy I will delete threads so you can have a fresh slate to work on. It is annoying to have to navigate 10+ pages of posts to try to figure out what trades you have had. If you have any questions regarding this new policy feel free to post them here.


  • im just gonna make a new one so you can wipe it all, already got it backed up (the house of horrors version)

    What goes up must come sideways


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