Greetings, fellow gamers!

  • Hello, I'm White Kitsune Mask and I'm new to the Magic the Gathering trading card game. I've began a couple of decks and look forward to attending some of the tournaments here at Quantum Games (If I'm to sign up before all the spots are filled in. I have created an account here on the website in hopes of becoming a better player and to make new friends. I'm completely open to casual gaming so if there are any gamers out there who would like to play just for fun or practice. I look forward to getting to know you all ^_^

  • Welcome to the game, and the shop. Fridays have been nuts lately, it fills up fast. Hopefully you can find a spot on the newly opened Wednesdays. Also, I think some people try to meet at the shop for casual games during the week sometimes, so you could put up a thread in the Magic section and see if anyone bites. I know I have seen a few threads posted by other people looking to play new decks during the week. Good luck, and hopefully you can find some games.

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