Donny's Room Of Magic

  • Wants:
    Hinterland harbour x1
    Cavern of souls x 2
    Blade splicer x 2
    Champion of Lambholt x2

    Maybe :
    elesh norn x1
    entreat the angels x2


    2x Phyrexian obliterators
    4x Phyrexian crusader
    1x Skittles
    4x Hand of the praetors
    2x surgical extraction
    3x Skirsdag highpriest
    1x Increasing ambition
    1x Chancellor of the dross
    2x Sutured ghoul
    1x royal assassin
    1x Bloodlord of vasgoth
    2x Geth, lord of the vault
    7x Ravenous demon (2 promo)
    2x endless ranks of the dead
    4x vengeful pharaoh
    3x Unbreathing horde
    2x Call to the grave
    1x Demonic rising
    3x Curse of misfortunes
    4x Black sun zenith
    1x Rune-scarred.
    2x Sheoldred (1 promo)
    2x Sorin's veng
    1x Carnifex demon
    2x Geth lord of the vault
    1x Bloodline Keeper
    7x Zombie Apocalypse (2 foil)
    1x Army of the Damned
    2x Grave Titan
    1x Bloodgift demon

    1x Feed the pack
    1x Wild defiance
    1x Lost in the woods
    2x Thrun, the last troll
    2x Daybreak Ranger
    1x Splinterfright
    1x Fresh meat
    3x Skinshifter
    1x Asceticism
    3x Moldgraf Monstrosity
    1x Creeping rennaisance
    2x Increasing savagery
    4x Deranged outcast
    1x Predator ooze
    2x Wolfbitten captive
    4x Putrefax
    2x Chancellor of the tangle
    1x Gutter grime
    3x Kessig cagebreaker (1 foil)

    1x Angel of flight alabaster
    1x Avacyn
    8x Dearly departed (1 foil)
    1x Mikaeus, the lunarch
    1x True conviction
    2x Gideon's Avenger
    3x Grand Abolisher
    1x Phyrexian unlife
    1x Archangel's Light
    2x Requiem Angel
    1x Increasing Devotion
    3x Sudden Disappearance.
    3x Indomitable Archangel
    1x Day of judgment
    1x Chancellor of the annex
    1x Divine reckoning
    1x Leonin abiter
    1x Seance
    3x Sudden disaperance
    1x Personal sanctuary

    1x Archwing Dragon
    1x Chandra ablaze
    1x pyromancers ascention
    3x magmaw
    2x hoarding dragon
    1x wild evocation
    2x slag fiend
    5x increasing vengence
    3x galvanoth (1 foil)
    1x invader parasite
    2x Malignus
    1x Devils play
    2x reveberate
    2x charmbreaker devil
    2x ceebral eruption
    1x reforge the soul
    1x chancellor of the forge
    1x molted phyche
    2x rite of ruin
    1x burn at the stake
    2x kuldotha phoenix
    2x dual casting
    4x curse of stalked prey
    1x hero of oxideridge
    1x Grim Lavamancer (Foil)
    1x Mondronen Shaman
    1x Devil's Play
    1x Instigator Gang
    1x Kruin Outlaw
    2x Markov Blademaster
    1x Alpha Brawl
    1x Curse of Bloodletting

    1x Temporal Mastery
    1x Laboratory maniac
    1x Dissipation field
    1x Djinn of Wishes
    2x Psychic surgery
    1x Jaces Archivist
    1x Chancellor of the spires
    1x Crackling counterpart
    1x Beguiler of wills
    2x Xenograft
    4x Mitotic manipulation (1 foil)
    1x Ludevics test subject
    2x Captain of the mist
    2x Deadeye navigator
    4x Cryptoplasm
    1x Spirted away
    2x Mirror-mad Phantasm
    3x Frost Titan
    4x Mindshrieker
    1x Dungeon Geist's
    2x Havengul Runebinder
    3x Geralf's Mindcrusher
    2x Call to the kindred
    1x Tezzeret the seeker

    1x Grafdigger's Cage
    1x Elbrus, the Binding Blade
    4x livewire lash
    4x torpor orb
    5x precursor golem
    2x sundial of the infinite
    2x bonehoard
    1x strata scythe
    2x knowledge pool
    2x mimic vat
    1x Helvault
    2x phyrexian revoker
    2x grimore of the dead
    3x jinxed idol (1 foil)
    1x Steel hellkite
    1x Shimmer myr
    2x lashwrithe
    4x Druidic Satchel
    1x Runechanter's Pike
    2x rachet bomb
    1x sword of feast and famine
    2x moonsilver spear


    3x drowned catacomb
    1x seachrome coast
    1x nephalia drownyard
    1x stensia bloodhall
    2x Glacial Fortress
    1x Moorland Haunt
    1x Woodland Cemetery

    1x jor kadeen
    1x glissa (promo)
    1x evil twin
    2x Grimngrin,Corpse Born

    I've got other standard miniscule rares I didn't bother putting on here. Message me if ur looking for something in particular

    Non Standard:

    Cruel Ultimatum
    Dimir Cutpurse
    Loxodon Hierarch
    Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker
    Blazing Specter
    Firemane Angel
    Searing Mediation
    Ajani Vengeant
    Titanic Ultimatum
    Teneb, the Harvester
    Ghave, Guru of Spores
    Chorus of the Conclave
    Karado, Ghost Chieftan
    Vish Kall, Blood Arbiter
    Figure of Destiny

    Profane Command
    Dark Hatchling

    Awakening Zone
    Horner Queen
    Scavenging Ooze
    Ageless Entity
    Symbiotic Wurm

    Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
    Hammer of Bogardan
    Ball Lightning
    3x Magma
    Pyromancer Ascension
    2x Chandra Ablaze

    Tezzeret the Seeker
    Master of Etherium

    Storm Herd
    Catapult Mastery
    Angel of Salvation
    Celestial Force
    Hour of Reckoning
    Umbra Mystic
    Loyal Sentry
    2x Ajani Goldmane
    Elspeth, Knight Errant

    Razormane Masticore
    Acorn Catapult

  • Hey i'd like to get three of those gideons avengers take a look at my list and see if there is anything you want

    If he slaps you, punch him, If he punches you, kick him, if he kicks you, stab him, if he stabs you, shoot him, if he shoots you, you go kill his f…


  • Offer

    4x Dismember =


    1x Inkmoth nexus

  • NEED you angelic destiny!


    if there is anything on my list, got a spellskite and maybe some more, also a dismember you might be interested in.

    • Get Rich or Die Try'in -

  • My angelic destiny 15.00

    for your

    1x spellskite 10.00
    1x Dismember 6.00

  • sounds good, when u gona be at the shop? i can met any time after 2.

    • Get Rich or Die Try'in -

  • Tomorrow at 230

  • yo, Everything that was stated on here from me was just a joke.

    Sorry to everyone who got offended.

    I don't want to trade the inkmoth for uncommons tho.

  • That was easy… I never needed your Inkmoth either, just happens to be the only thing on your haves list worth asking for... seems as though you need dismembers because they appear to be on your wants list? I have 5 extra thought I could help, no worries though I wont be offering again

  • sounds good

    • Get Rich or Die Try'in -

  • I am meeting you today @ 230.

  • when are you going to update this?

  • Updated

  • So dirty in hurr

  • yo

    1 surgical extraction 7
    1 diregraf captain 1.5
    2 mortarpod 1


    2 honor of the pure 6
    1 moorland haunt 3.5

    If he slaps you, punch him, If he punches you, kick him, if he kicks you, stab him, if he stabs you, shoot him, if he shoots you, you go kill his f…


  • Deal.

  • when you goin next?

    If he slaps you, punch him, If he punches you, kick him, if he kicks you, stab him, if he stabs you, shoot him, if he shoots you, you go kill his f…


  • ill be there tmrw

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • sry was on buddies account..i'l be there tmrw

  • Hey need 2 grave titans, dont really have much of what you need though so look at my list and see if you find anything.

    • Get Rich or Die Try'in -

  • Kafka..Do you think i could get a 3rd mortarpod instead of the captain?..If not its all gd.

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