Playtesting at the shop today, 1pm?

  • Anyone interested? Would like to playtest a couple proxy'd decks as well as tweak my own.

  • I think there should be some sort of Wednesday night casual or draft. My local shop in White Rock usually got a consistent 12 people, so it might be worth doing.

  • We were talking with Al today about other options since demand seems pretty high lately for the FNMs. Al doesn't wanna kill the games by making too top-heavy of a payout structure (the casuals will eventually stop coming), but he does want to reward finishing deep (I think).

  • How about a Wednesday night casual? Have it start at around 4 or 5 and people could test out their decks for Friday. If people really need an incentive to come everyone that shows up could toss in $2 for prices (assuming 12 people): first and second place could get two packs and third could get one.

  • I'd be interested, I don't know if Al would want to keep the store open though for just a couple bucks.

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