Dethsoul's New Trade Binder

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  • aww yee

  • There yea go, now ppl can find it.

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  • Offer:

    Spellskite $10
    Phyrexian Metamorph $7
    Honor of the Pure $2

    For your:
    Blade Splicer $5 x3 = $15
    Gavony Township $3? $6?

    The Gavony is foil and star city has it listed as $3 for nonfoil and $6 for foil, but I'm not really big into foils. I'll give you a bit extra (over the non-foil) for it if you're keen, but I can't really justify double for shiny pretty things. :)

    Otherwise, maybe you can peek through my thread and find something else to round out the trade?

  • Dethsoul, I never heard back from you in my trade thread. You had asked about the Sunpetal groves and the Metamorph. I countered with Metamorph +$3 card for 2x Chandra's Phoenix since Aaron asked about the Sunpetals just before you did. Does this work for you?


    I found the 3x Phoenix. Ignore this offer.

    Abbath Announces Candidacy: Vows To End Global Warming By Covering The Entire World In Permafrost.


  • I have 4x Honor of the Pure (buy a box foil) $4 each…. trying to possibly build to a snapcaster? up to you how much you want em i guess

  • There all foil? and 4$?

    really don't know what honor of the pure is 4$ anyway?

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  • Yes they are all foil. its the m10 promo foil. i dont understand what you mean…. How they are $4? or why? But anyhow would you like them?

  • My:

    Seachrome Coast x3 =45.00

    Spellskite x1 = 10.00

    My five dollar card or five dollars worth of cards



    2x Snapcaster Mage = 60.00

    Let me know plzz

  • Hey Kronzilla, Got my Honor of the pure's.

    Kelpto - Yea trade is close. Got 4 seachromes 4 by chance? that would be awesome, if not spellskite will do, ( would prefer hero of blade hold or angelic destiny if you could get ur hands on either to make the trade good. (no 5$ card needed of course.)

    if not don't know what 5$ card I need but yea trade is good. well figure it out. be there Sat?

    Let me know.

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  • Umm I have two honors if you need em. I do not have 4 seachromes unfortunately. If I did I would definetly hook em up.

    I don't think i will be able to make it tmw. Depends on what time you were thinking.

  • I got my honor's Looking for the other stuff I mentioned. And time is whatever works best for you.

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  • i could use that sulfur falls… see anything in my thread you may want?

  • @ kronz

    I could use a grave titan or two.. maybe for the sulfur falls + a 1$card

    I also got a stromkirk, and snapcaster you might want.

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  • well i want them all. But yes I will do the first one for sure. And we could try to work out the rest. Shop tomorrow?

  • so i dont have really anything of your immediate needs yet but im always willing to overtrade fodder if you want to talk about it. incl the 2nd titan and such

  • I'm good with that, and yea shop tomorrow works, lets say 2:30? Can always get me on my email, goes to my phone,

    Anytime after 230 works for me.

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  • ok sounds good to me, I will shoot you an email tomorrow for sure

  • hey man wasnt able to hang around till 230 but I left the titan with al so if you wanted to leave the sulfr falls behind thatd be great. thanks

  • Thanks, got more for trade. We can do more some other time if interested, Al has your Sulfur Falls

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