UBCO Games Club?

  • Hey, anybody knows when the UBCO games club meets? I've been trying to find out for a while now. Thanks

  • I was curious about the same thing. As an aside; at this time, I was regularly seeing some students in the old cafeteria flopping cards.
    Naturally, my focus was on cards and listening to their game
    chatter.Eventually, I deduce that they're scrubs because they
    were really stoked about a single traumatize(if I recall), which was
    apparently the best card ever last October.

    Once my hopes of good players being on campus with decks on
    the regular were thoroughly-dashed, I decide to get a gander at
    the pilots behind the piles…
    The universe decided to cement my hypothesis of suck by having
    one of the cliques female counterparts arrives and excidedly
    shares some exciting annie may developments...she's of course
    wearing head apparel w/ kitty ears on it.

    --yup, she was the final accent needed:
    they were annie may geeks...as in, the kind of nerd/gamer
    who will play a game for ages, but somehow manage to spit in the
    face of anyone who holds the adage, "practice makes perfect", to
    be true. It's not like they are somehow lesser beings or anything,
    but time spent playing games with them are not going
    to improve anyone's game.

    I'd compare playing against such opponents with playing a sports/games/etc with a little niece/nephew; for the kid, they'e
    running train on your grown-ass. To the adult though, the activity
    is playing with the kid...the rest are just details. Lol

    I am a terrible person, I know.

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  • Anyway…. I live on campus if anyone's down to play some Magic.

  • I too was looking for some sort of gaming club at UBCO but either they didn't show up for clubs day or there isn't one this semester.

  • They were all low-skill casuals…like demonic tutor in a lorwym precon...
    They likely jumped ship when the final fantasy mmo came out our something.

    I'll start bringing my deck to school, but it'll be one 45 min match or something.
    Due to spiders and such, I'll post my phone number in casting cost code; text me.

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    "A great value of antiquity lies in the fact that its writings are the only ones that modern men still read with exactness."


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  • I'll leave my cell number here too if anyones on campus:

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  • The UBCO Games club meets Wednesdays and Fridays in the Library, usually room 304. I tend to pop in and out on wednesdays.

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