New to Quantum, and looking for friends :)

  • Hi all!

    I stumbled into Quantum Games last weekend and thought the shop was great! I am not that experienced with games like Magic and I was hoping to go to Friday night's event just to learn more about the game, but the sign up must fill in so fast! I usually play casual games, like Fluxx, Ticket to Ride, Settlers, etc.

    My brother-in-law and I were interested in finding a place to meet people who like to play games to. When he lived in Vancouver, there was a shop that put on an event where they played a different game every time they met. I was wondering if Quantum did similar nights as well? If not, does anyone know of a place where those kinds of events happen?

    It would also be great to meet people who would be willing to play with Magic players with a little less experience so that I don't noob it up if I ever am on time for a Friday Night Magic sign-up. If there are casual groups of people playing I would really like to know :)

    Thanks for having such an awesome store (o^^)b

  • Hey. I recently moved here for my job, got injured, been off work since. Just got back to walking around and now i'm looking to build a group of people for some fun times in game and out. Check out my other posts on these forums if you want to learn more, or just email me if you are interested in talking about this idea more.

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  • Good people here,
    Welcome welcome.

    My Fiancee and I enjoy our share of Magic, 40k, Dominion, Settlers, Munchkin, Etc etc.
    and may be down for random gaming.

  • @ee.
    Does that mean that you are maybe interested in joining a group?
    Still looking?

    "You are only young once, but you can be immature forever!"


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