• How's everyone doing?
    My name is Eddie and I play Magic the Gathering more then any other game. I also enjoy playing the occasional game of Risk, but who doesn't like dominating the world? Thats as far as my gaming goes other then using 1's and 0's to entertain myself.
    I am in my second year of Network Engineering studying at Okanagan College, fairly excited to finish school and start making some real coin. I play MTG almost every Friday at where else but Quantum, so next time your in there say "hi" I'm sure I will say "hi" back unless your a piece of noobcake. Muwahahaha


  • pfff, NTEN noob!
    MECH is where it's at! MWAHAHAHAHAA

  • In two years while your still in school, I will be making 90g's a year. Who's larfing now MECH BIATCH!

  • suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup. how you doin'? come here often?

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