Jace, Memory Adept for trade

  • I have numerous cards for trade, so if you want something else, let me know, but the main purpose of this thread is to trade Jace.

    I am proposing to trade this card for any of the following:

    -Sword of Fire and Ice
    -Sword of Light and Shadow
    -Any TWO other swords (Feast and Famine, Body and Mind, War and Peace) in any combination
    -Any ONE of the latter 3 swords along with Gideon Jura

    Either post to this thread or email me at avatar_infinite@hotmail.com

  • I have:
    body and mind 15.00
    gideon jura 16.00


    jace, memory adept 30.00

    I'm interested in the following cards:
    1x Jace, memory adept @ 30.00
    1x Batterskull @ 12.00
    3x Blade splicer @ 5.00each
    1x Phatasmal Image @ 12.00

    I only have one sword for trade right now which is body and mind. I have it in both foil and regular though.

    Right now I have the following stuff to get rid of:
    1x Sword of body and mind @ 15.00
    1x Foil Sword of body/Mind @ 20.00
    4x Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas @ 20.00each
    1x Koth of the hammer @ 20.00
    3x Mox Opal @ 25.00each
    1x Gideon Jura @ 16.00

  • Hi Travis,

    I'd make that trade. I also have two blade splicers and a phantasmal image which I'd be happy to trade for either Koth or the other sword (foil) as well.

    **Correction, I just checked and apparently I only have one blade splicer (I'm not sure where the other is). Anything else you want to replace that card? I have a binder of rares dating back to 4th edition and Ice Age.

  • okay so how about this?

    1x Jace, Memory Adept @30.00
    1x Blade Splicer @ 5.00
    1x Phantasmal Image @12.00
    Total =47.00

    1x (Foil) Sword Of Body/Mind @20.00
    1x Koth of the hammer @20.00
    1x Gideon Jura @16.00
    Total @56.00

    we have a difference of $9.00, so below is a list of stuff I need with its current value. If you can find some stuff off of that list too make up the 9 dollars we should be good to go. there all 3, 4, 5, and 6, dollar cards if you have any it should be easy to hit 9 bucks.

    4x Dungrove Elder @4.00
    3x Surgical Extraction @6.00
    3x Mirran Crusader @5.00
    2x Ratchet Bomb @3.00
    4x Puresteel paladin @4.00

  • Sure, sounds good. I'll throw in a dungrove elder and a puresteel paladin to cover the difference.

    Alternatively, if you have an extra Inferno Titan, I'd prefer to do it for the non-foil sword and the titan instead (and I'd throw another rare around 3 dollars or so from M12 or New Phyrexia as well), but if you don't have one, then that's fine.

    I'm going out of town this weekend for the next week, so if you want to trade before I go, then I can meet up tomorrow. Otherwise, some time after Thanksgiving. Let me know.

  • I like this trade:

    1x Jace, Memory Adept @30.00
    1x Blade Splicer @ 5.00
    1x Phantasmal Image @12.00
    1x Dungrove Elder @ 4.00
    1x puresteel paladin @ 4.00
    Total =55.00


    1x (Foil) Sword Of Body/Mind @20.00
    1x Koth of the hammer @20.00
    1x Gideon Jura @16.00
    Total @56.00

    I can meet any time at the shop tomorrow, let me know on here or shoot me a txt at 250 863 4907
    What's your name?

  • Deal. I'll text you tomorrow.
    My name's Cory. I'll bring my binder too.

  • sweet sounds good see you tomorrow

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