Modern Tournaments

  • So, with the Banned and Restricted announcement, the format is probably going to not have as big of a B&R boogieman.

    With Saturday tournaments, I am curious who would have interest in some being modern. Obviously I can't loan half a tournament crowd decks, but I do have good decks available for anyone who might need one or want something to tweak and some choice cards.

    It's a really great format and with how consistently awesome creatures have been printed, since Time Spiral, there's a lot decks/archetypes/etc from Lorwyn/Alara Standard that cross over into Modern, so it isn't like you have to have shit from Mirrodin Block to smash face.

    An example of such a deck, is the red artifact aggro deck, which is pretty much like a Red version of Steel aggro, but has burn instead swarm cards and as far as I remember, none of the older cards in it are over five bucks. With that said, Steel can try cards, like Ravager, Citadel, Mantle, glimmervoid and whatever else with a very low potential hit to the wallet.

    The other thing that is really sick about Modern is that basically every archetype has powerful stuff to do, so as long as you are not planning on chasing decks that are blatantly unfair-good(see PT results), it is a very, very diverse format. Every deck can potentially do something that is powerful enough to dig itself out of a deep rut in a tough match. Even if someone isn't able to finagle their way out with something cheesy, your opponent thwarting your plans is still liable to be interesting because if you are doing something huge and if your opponent does something else huge, that's going to be exciting, and if your opponent plays some obscure answer, that's also exciting. There is often going to be something interesting going on in a match, rather than one guy drawing dead because he doesn't have any tools to deal with an opponent who is peeling gas because his deck has however many cards that do the same thing…This is as applicable to any decks too. In recent Standard formats, I have seen Valakut, Boros, Steel, Caw and basically every other deck fall victim to simply not having a big enough card pool to be able to have alternatives to drawing [card] to win a game. That's a shitty way to lose a match if you ask me Standard still has it's own unique charms(read: more opportunities for sanctioned play), but doesn't rule out dabbling in Modern. I would not be surprised if WotC started loosening their support on Legacy(a format that only makes money based on secondary market and sanctioned play, but a dedicated Eternal player is far more likely to buy a bunch of sleeper chase cards when a new set drops for next to nothing, than they are to buy a bunch of boxes, fat packs and flashy chase rares. It just makes sense that WotC is going to want to support Modern, which means that SCG/CF are also going to eventually get behind it too.

    For a quick idea on all of the archetypes that can do powerful things and still potentially lose a good match to a silly misplay, here's a few decks that have wrecked:

    • White Aggro/Control: Runs cards, like Ghostly Prison to lock aggro and has some of these effects built-into solid creatures that can also smash face when they need to.

    • Heart Gifts: UGx deck that has a tool box and way of getting the engine online by combining cards with regrowth effects/Gifts Ungiven[/Life from the Loam/Crucible/Flashback cards], but the engine is even fun because it involves a huge chain of X draw spells, untapping land effects and ends it with a huge X spell pointed at the opponent. Gifts is an engine card, so it can also be used in a control deck too. Engine control decks aren't particularly rare anymore, but combo decks that win without just having a few permanents in play at the same time, or breakable set mechanics(read:storm, dredge or infect), have not been around outside of eternal formats in ages. Engine combo decks are the reason that combo decks are assumed by many to be difficult to play…If you thought that playing one or two dig spells per turn until winning by playing two spells could be a rewarding challenge, you will love trying to survive and set up a turn where you will do so much stuff that your opponent will scoop before you play your last spell because that's how drawing through your entire library in chunks after tapping/untapping land however many times.

    • Uxx Control: Oh my. Obviously, this is my department and the format is amazing for control right now....especially in light of the bannings. To start with, every colour is capable of having a mono colour control deck that is actually good. EVERY COLOUR. Black gets damnation and so many good cards(artifacts galore) that let it stand on its own. White can follow a few routes and one that is going to stay popular for a while gains retarded amounts of life and wins by sheer inevitability. The star cards in the white deck? WRATH OF GOD, Marty of the Sands, Emeria, Kitchen Finks and countless others. Blue gets Teferi, and numerous great instants to choose from.

    I am not going to spare people on the other stuff, but the fact is that even though Modern is thought of as an extension eternal formats, it isn't nearly as prohibitively expensive as Eternal formats are. There are obviously expensive cards in Modern, but realistically, if someone has a bunch of staple rares in their deck, they are more likely to be $10-20, than $30+. On top of that, there's decent odds that Standard will start to have more reprints of Modern-era cards due to the whole reserved list thing. Another reason that I suspect that Modern-era cards will begin to see more reprints is because that period of time is when better creatures overall started getting printed and creatures started to become more powerful/multi-faceted than they had been before, so cards like Troll Ascetic will get revisited because they appeal nostalgic, casual and competitive players because they are interesting and potentially powerful, but come from a time when designers were in the process of seeing how powerful they could make creatures still. Just look at shitty last draft picks now and look at the cards from those sets. It's also quite cute that during modern era, the cheapest, biggest and baddest playable creatures tended to be 3-5 total casting cost and would have p/t's of 3-5 and one would rarely be bigger than the other without the other being significantly lower. Drawbacks on these creatures were often potentially risky, like Iwamori, the Open Fist or Hunted Wumpus. 2XX for a 5/5 was generally the best overall deal that you would get on a huge creature and these creatures were always going to be exchanging damage with blockers, if only because they lacked evasion. Now Titans, Obstinate Baloth, Wurmcoil Engine, BSA and Obliterator are representative of good fatties. Cards, like Witness, Ascetic, Vendilion Clique, Meloku, Squee, Gaddock Teeg, Eight-and-a-Half Tails, Figure of Destiny, Magus cards and Muses being reprinted without ever appearing in competitive decks is a definite possibility, which could very well mean that they are also likely to be printed because they used to be ridiculous, but are a lot more modest in comparison to newer ones.

    Imagine…there was a time when if someone was putting a very good 6/6ish creature that has no actual drawbacks/caveats on the table, it was because it had been reanimated or otherwise cheated into play...the best thing is that now players won't be able to use good acceleration that was intended for the shitty creatures of yesteryear on the awesome creatures of today.

    On the note of the quality of cards changing over time; Modern has such a massive card pool that has countless possibilities for finding brutal hate cards to shut down anyone who is the type to play turn-three-win type decks(or Gx Ramp decks)...not to mention some of these cards will often be former power cards that got forgotten and are worth less than $.50-1.00 now, but there will be tonnes floating around because they used to be a staple. It's the kind of format where a box of bulk rares that a co-worker sold you for $40 can end up being a gold mine of sleeper cards. It isn't like new spiffy standard cards are going to never see play either because of a horse I have probably beaten to death. What's almost better is that I can use my favorite ridiculous cards from the latest sets with other ridiculous cards, rather than having to settle for whatever is Standard legal...imagine rooftop storm when you have access to every zombie printed since 9th Edition, not to mention dig spells and mana acceleration since 9th too.

    That's my big boring spiel about why I am so stoked about Modern. It doesn't make sense to me why some folks are apprehensive toward it.

    "A great value of antiquity lies in the fact that its writings are the only ones that modern men still read with exactness."


  • Considering I don't have any decks for standard/Extended ATM as i havent bought cards until recently since time spiral, and I don't have Decks that are good enough for Vintage/Legacy. I for one Like the idea of some Modern games.

    Sadly I discovered my one deck is not legal in modern, It uses cloudpost. But not in a broken and damning way i just wanted some good mana in a colorless deck LOL.

    Anyway Now that I'm back I do plan to make a STD deck. But I would love to try out my "Shattered Engrams" deck against some other modern constructs.

  • Indeed. I have extra copies of cards to make "real decks" for trade, but I have a brew that I have been working on that has kept me from playing/getting cards for the former.
    Not many good things have ever used tron/cloudpost in interesting ways, so you should consider yourself saved.

    "A great value of antiquity lies in the fact that its writings are the only ones that modern men still read with exactness."


  • I am completely down with this. I have so many decks from back when I played during the 8th, 9th, Mirrodin and Ravinca period, that I haven't been able to play since. So what time is the tournament on Saturday and is it competitive or casual?

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