Magic the Gathering: Online

  • Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to you all!

    [ This is my deck. There are (not) many like it but this one is mine. ]

    At least that is what I keep telling myself, now that my Magic: The Gathering paper collection has been reduced to a box about 3"x 5" x 3".

    Long story short, I have turned my paper into kilobytes (and a different type of paper) and will be slinging virtual cards around for the next while. If anyone wants to play some standard magic online, feel free to toss me a message. My username online is Jadedz as well, so it shouldn't be too hard to find me.

    ( Feel free to post your account names on this thread as well, as others may be looking to sling some kilobytes around as well. )

    See you guys around!

    -Kyle Y.

  • I've been having a hard time finding people to play with, so I considered magic on-line as an alternative. I tried it today, and I'd have been sold on the idea but the application is very clunky and nu-polished. The sound is bad, the cards don't stack or animate very well, it's hard to figure out how to active abilities or what's going on at times. During my test run today I tried to figure out how regenerate my Cudgel Troll, and couldn't figure it out, which resulted in gg for the other player. If the interface and animation was more like Magic 2012: Dual of the Planeswalkers I'd be sold. Less space taken up by cards, and most importantly people to play with and an accessible community. But it's not, it's a cruddy awkward program that looks like a Windows 95 application that ruins the experience.

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