Eddie's Little Shop Of Horrors

  • **Needs

    Primeval Titan x2

    Vexing Devil x3

    Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded x2

    Hinterland Harbour x4

    Mirari's Wake

    Grim Monolith

    Basalt Monolith

    Gilded Lotus

    Power Artifact

    Stomping Grounds

    Sacred foundry

    Martial Coup

    Wilt-Leaf Leige

    Tolsimir WolfBlood

    Idyllic Tutor
    **For Trade

    Sword of Feast and Famine x1

    Sword of War and Peace x3

    Sword of Body and Mind x1

    Lashwrithe x1

    Spine of Ish Sah x1

    Mindslaver x2

    Hexparasite x1

    Solemn Simulacrum x1

    Chimeric Mass x2

    Shimmer Myr x1

    Phyrexian Revoker x2

    Bonehoard x2

    Molten-Tail Masticore x2

    Steel Hellkite x2

    Darksteel Juggernaut x4

    Vensers Journal

    Argentum Armour x3

    Livewire Lash x3

    Darksteel Juggernaut x4

    Throne of Empires x2

    Torpor Orb x1

    Pentavus x1

    Tower of Calmites x1

    Precursor Golem x1

    Darksteel Plate x1

    Mirran Crusader x4

    Hero Of Bladehold

    Champion of the Parish x4

    Angelic Overseer x2

    Angel of Flight Alablaster x1

    Leonin Arbiter x3

    Personal Sanctuary x1

    Mesa Enchantress x1

    Mentor of the Meek x2

    Dearly Departed x1

    Divine Reckoning x2

    Phyrexian Rebirth x1

    Chancellor of the Annex x1

    Elite Inquisitor x4

    Indomitable Archangel x2

    Kemba, Kha Regent x6

    Sunblast Angel x2

    White Sun's Zenith x1


    Geralfs Messenger x5 [1 FOIL]

    Gravecrawler x4

    Skithiryx, The Blight Dragon x2

    BloodLord of Vaasgoth x1

    Reaper of the Abyss x2

    Sheoldred x1

    Ravenous Demon x1

    Monomania x1

    Curse of Deaths Hold x3

    Curse of Oblivion x1

    Carnifex Demon x1

    Praetor's Grasp x1

    Unbreathing Horde x1

    Sorins Vengeance x1

    Surgical Extraction x3

    Glistening Oil x1

    Sutured Ghoul x1

    Cemetary Reaper x2

    Necrotic Ooze x3

    Phyrexian Crusader x2

    Royal Assasin x2

    Phyrexian Obliterator x2

    Grave Titan x2


    Consecrated Sphinx x2

    Undead Alchemist x5

    Time Reversal x1

    Mirror-Mad Phantasm x1

    Frost Titan x1

    Snapcaster Mage x4 (for the right shit only)

    Consecrated Sphinx x2

    Ludvics Test Subject x1 (FOIL)

    Chancellor of the Spires x1

    Phyrexian Ingester x2

    Laboratory Maniac x1

    Grand Architect x2

    Back From The Brink x1

    Cryptoplasm x1

    Mindshrieker x1

    Blue sun's Zenith x1

    Distant Memories x1

    Dissipation Field x1

    Curse of Echoes x1

    Argent Sphinx x4

    Inexorable Tide

    Shape Anew x4


    Thrun the Last Troll x2

    Mayor of Avarabruck x4

    Parallel Lives x1

    Birthing Pod x1

    Skinshifter x3

    Melira, Sylvok Outcast x3

    Phyrexian Hydra x4

    Increasing Savagery x1

    Elvish Archdruid x4

    Fresh Meat x1

    Moldgraf Monstrosity x1

    Thrun, the Last Troll x2

    Kessig Cagebreakers x1

    Wolfbitten Captian x1

    Ghoultree x1

    Putrefax x4


    Stromkirk Nobel x4

    Inferno Titan x1

    Balefire Dragon x1

    Slagstorm x3

    Reverberate x1

    Bludgeon Brawl x2

    Invader Parasite x1

    Goblin Chieftain x4

    Heretics Punishment x1

    Spikeshot Elder x1

    Curse of Stalked Prey x1

    Manabarbs x1

    Kruin Outlaw x1

    Grim Lavamancer x1

    Instigator Gang x1

    Stromkirk Nobel x4

    Hero Of Oxid Ridge x2

    HellKite Igniter

    Cerebral Eruption

    Hellion Eruption x5

    Reverberate [FOIL]

    Hoarding Dragon


    Grimgrin, Corpse-Born x 2

    Bloodline Keeper x4

    Evil Twin x4

    Havengul Lich x2

    Olivia Voldaren x4

    Geist of Saint Traft x2


    Razorverge Thicket x4

    Sunpetal Grove x4

    Sulfur Falls x4

    Seachrome Coast x4

    Glacial Fortress x4

    Woodland Cemetary x3

    Stensia Bloodhall x1

    Gavony Township x3

    Nephalia Drownyard x1

    Misty Rainforest x2

    Arid Mesa



    Chandra Firebrand x2

    Garruk Relentless x3

    Sorin Markov x2

    Gideon Jura x1

    Tezzeret Agent of Bolas x1

    Jace Beleren

    Chandra Nalaar

    Garruk Wildspeaker

    Hundredsof Non Standard RARE Traders!!!****************

  • As of Febuary 20th

  • Interested in some of your stuff (Phantasmal Image's) and I got an Angelic Destiny. It's a foil although I don't expect full price for it, maybe somewhere in the middle. Interested?

  • 0.o Foils are expensive. What elese were you eyeballing?

  • Well two Images would be cool, or one Image and the three Slagstorms is another idea. Also interested in one Drowned Catacomb although I might have one lined up already. Depends what you think you wanna trade for it.

  • The shiny aspect draws me in like a insect but no real need for the foil.

  • Well I'll offer three Slagstorms and one Drowned Catacomb (21) for the foil Angelic Destiny. I just need the Catacomb by tonight is the thing.

  • 2 copperline gorges


    3 honor of the pure
    2 phyrexian crusader

    If he slaps you, punch him, If he punches you, kick him, if he kicks you, stab him, if he stabs you, shoot him, if he shoots you, you go kill his f…


  • I need 3 Catacombs and 4 darkslicks

    I got all the lands you need

    • Get Rich or Die Try'in -

  • I dont have three honor of the pure anymore.

  • 60 just for the slicks. and another 18 for the catacombs.

  • I need 2 images…anything else you would take for them?..swords etc...

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • 4x Copperline = 40$
    4x Rootbound Crag = 16$
    4x DragonSkull = 16$
    = 72 $

    Catacombs and Darkslick

    Any thing else?

    • Get Rich or Die Try'in -

  • Oh Sorry

    You want the other land -

    1x Blackcleave Cliffs = 8

    68$ - 78$

    Anything 10$

    • Get Rich or Die Try'in -

  • Throw in a karn for the diffrence and were golden. And I make a dollar off you LoLz

  • I'm eyein up your Isolated Chapel there, anything else you need besides the GSZ and land?

  • Ok sounds good

    • Get Rich or Die Try'in -

  • I don't mind the 2 dollar difference. Deal??

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • Done.

  • I've got a GSZ + ? ($2) for your Iso Chapel ($10).

  • Already got the GSZ

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