Brennan's Trade Thread

  • For Trade
    1x skirsdag high priest
    1x sutured ghoul
    1x chancellor of the dross
    1x cemetery reaper
    1x stormkirk noble
    1x manabarbs
    1x goblin cheiftain
    1x adptive automaton
    1x call to the grave
    1x Kessig Wolf run
    2x inkmothh nexus
    2x sunpetal grove
    2x drowned catacomb
    2x rachet bomb
    2x black suns zenith
    2x torpor orb
    1x skinshifter
    1x karn liberated
    3x grave Titan
    1x solemn smiurl… whatever
    1x phantasmal image
    3x consecrated sphinx

    Not Standard

    4x lotus bloom
    1x figure of destiny
    3x figure of destiny(promo)

    Would Trade for

    liliana of the veil
    stony silence
    tree of redemtion

    Thanks let me know

  • Interested in Phantasmal Image, I have 1 Elesh Norn and 1 Glacial Fortress to offer.

  • @kronzilla

    alright sounds good dont know if youre going to be there but i might pop by the store friday night for trading. Im not at the store much so if i could grab youre name

  • im Kyle, and yeah I will be there tmrw anytime you can meet me there

  • hey douche, i want your extractions.

    Troll extraordinaire. PT Paris scrub out.


  • didnt see you at fnm so could not trade you elesh norn and glacial….. do you still have the phantasmal image and want to trade? I can meet there anytime

  • Wutup. I need me an image or two. Let me know if yours ends up being available. I have some Days, glacials and maybe an extra coast as far as standard goes.

    "A great value of antiquity lies in the fact that its writings are the only ones that modern men still read with exactness."


  • hey kron yeah sorry i had hockey but yeah im still willing to trade ill for sure 10000 percent be at fnm this friday.

    aaron yeah sure ill see you at fnm too

  • its the launch party or something this week I believe. It should be up in the morning or afternoon tomorrow. Were you at the pre release?

  • yes i was for a couple rounds didnt really get to saty and trade had to drop

  • ahhhh ok. Were you the guy that walked up with Travis and the rest at the start of it?

  • yep

  • oh ok cool now at least I know who to look for lol

  • yeah gray underarmour shirt tots

  • updated

  • so i have a sun titan… were we still going to make that other trade of elesh norn and a glacial fortress for a phantasmal image? my sun titan is promo foil. i could probably use a hinterland harbour

  • im interested in your sunpetal groves. dunno what i have that youd want.

    ill be at the store from ~opening-~2pm

    What goes up must come sideways


  • scratch that dont have a titan… i fail

  • ok briars ill take a look at be at the sore at like 4

    kron ok yeah no worries and yeah that trade is still good

  • i wont be out there today, i have class until 6pm

    ill be there from like 10am-2pm tomorrow though

    What goes up must come sideways


  • oh i meant friday i have school so i wont be at the shop till 4

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