PLease lend me one more misty??

  • Wondering if anyone would be willing to lend out some misty rainforests for next
    weeks FnM. I only play standard so it isn't really worth purchasing/trading for them at this point. I'd really like to run a deck other than tempered steel, this is the last card I need to make that happen. thanks

  • You can use my two as a start

  • sweet man that would be unreal, I really want to try my other deck. I have three darkslick shores for trade right now as well, figured you might be interested?

  • If anyone can lend out one more misty rainforest for this weeks FnM I would really appreciate it.

  • The part where you said you wanted misty's so that you can run something other than Tempered Steel probably got more than a few people interested heh. If lending you cards means one less Tempered deck I'm sure people are really gonna wanna lend you those cards.

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  • I'm hoping so.. 1 more misty to go who's wants to lend it out??

  • bots lol

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  • yeah but this one is special!! Mexican Vicodin! lols

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