Borrow scalding tarns

  • Hey,

    Would anyone happen to have 4 Scalding Tarns I could borrow for this week's FNM?

    Let me know.


  • Just another shoutout to anyone that is at FNM tonight if they have any Scalding Tarns handy that I could borrow for tonight. Would greatly appreciate it.


  • You can borrow mine…unless the cards I need to borrow for my deck tonight aren't available. My RDW is my backup deck :)

  • I beleive I picked up your name is Art? Ide appreciate it and hope you get the cards for your new deck. Will see you tonight.

  • Yup I'm Art lol. Just look for the guy wearing the gray Winnipeg Jets cap :)

  • Art! Im sorry, I completely forgot when I left that I still had them. I didn't realize until I was half way home. I will be there next friday to get them back to you.


  • In case I'm not there next Friday, or you're unable to be there for Friday, you could also leave them with Al.

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