WANT Venser, the sojourner.

  • I have many things to trade for him if the deal is right. Such as swords of feast and famine, angelic destiny's etc. If you have him for trade let me know and let me know what you're looking for and hopefully we can work something out. I am looking for 3 at the moment.

  • I'm willing to part with one of my Vensers. I'm actually looking for a Sword of Feast and Famine too. The Sword is worth like $5 more though, so was there anything else you were looking for?

  • OFFER!!

    1x Venser, the sojourner 18.00
    1x Seachrome Coast 8.00

    TOTAL 26.00


    1x Sword of feast and famine 25.00

    you have quite a few posts within the forums suggesting your wants and very few responses anywhere after you request things, so I can only assume you still need the Seachrome Coast. If this is not the case please respond to this post with something else you may need…

    I have alot of good cards available that are not listed, but feel free to look at my list you may see something on there you need.

  • ya that seems pretty fair. and as for me not replying, i stated in one of my earlier posts i found what i needed. anyways are you going to fnm this week?

  • i need 3 seachrome and 1 glacial fortress as well

  • I'm actually going camping on the friday so i wont be able to make it, can we meet at the shop before then? I have another seachrome available do you have 2 blades splicers for trade?

  • mmm i might be able to get 2 for you. ill get back to u on that and as for meeting up before that ya we could probably do that! ill get back to you tomorrow with a good time and such. when is good for you?

  • do u have any phantasmal image?

  • I might be able to get a phantasmal image by Friday. I could also part with a Glacial Fortress. Also, how many swords of feast and famine do you have for trade? I could trade more than one Venser for multiple swords.

  • mmm depends i have lots XD haha but i dont really like trading them that much… do u have like 3 vensers? for trade?

  • I do have 3 Vensers. I am currently looking for 2 Sword of Feast and Famine. I'd be ok with trading my 3 Vensers for 2 Swords.

  • anytime is good for me ill probably be at the shop at some point today

  • so is some time before friday still possible, I didn't make to the shop yesterday but I'm trying to get there today. Possibly we can meet there later this afternoon?

  • ya sorry about that someone traded me for them a couple days ago! but if i think of anything else i need ill run it by you and we can trade that way you get what u need.

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