Order of Replies

  • Is there any reason the newest posts in a thread are closer to the top?

    Like, it goes..

    Topic Post
    Reply #2
    Reply #1

    Wouldn't it make more sense as..

    Topic Post
    Reply #1
    Reply #2

    It would be nice to at least have an option to change it for myself, or if I am just not seeing it, direct me to where it is.

  • hm?

  • testing

  • If you look at say, <a href=""http://www.quantumgames.org/node/2261"" target="_blank">this thread</a>, I made my post before Aaron (insaniac) made his, yet his is above mine. Also with this post, which I used the 'Post Reply' button in the bottom left or top left, rather than the 'Reply' button in your post.<br /><br />Though I didn't realize you could reply to either the topic post, or reply to replies.<br /><br />So as of now it looks like..<br /><br />Topic Post<br />etc.<br /> etc.'s replies<br />Reply #2<br /> Reply #2's replies<br />Reply #1<br /> Reply #1's replies<br /><br />Which seems odd, as you would think you would want to see them in chronological order.

  • Ya the order has been weird. I imagine it will be confusing down the road when threads get larger.

    Troll extraordinaire. PT Paris scrub out.


  • Kinda messed up.
    There was an option in the old forum for you to see the posts in reverse

  • basically there's three options:
    #1, flat list
    #2, threaded list
    #3, we load a different forum
    currently, the posts are chronologically ordered, and while you can reply to an individual (ala YouTube style), you can use the form at the bottom of the thread, and post without interjecting the existing conversation.

    personally, being a YouTube addict, this made sense and I didn't see any issue.

    maybe I should start another vote?

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