Nathans tournament life

  • So I'm here in Toronto playing nationals today, just finished up day 1 and i think i can still make top 8 but ill need to do really well tomorrow since im 4-3 now.

    I went 3-0 in standard at the start of the day not losing a game with caw vs. mirror match, then splinter twin, then an esper control deck.

    First draft i drafted what i thought was a good red/black deck with a chandra 4 removal spells and a bunch of bloodthirst guys. I lost round 4 to a guy with 2 gideons in both games… Then just drew like garbage other 2 matches and basically decided I just must be awful at draft. In the second draft i tried forcing mono white but had to splash for 3 blue tricks, (frost breath is worth it). i have 5 armored warhorses and im feeling aight about it. Won my first match with t2 horse into t3 horse into t4 2 horses vs a red deck so now we're done for the day.

    There are 8 of us here from BC including mani, brandon, markus and some guys i forgot their names. mani was doing the best last time i checked at 4-2 so maybe he'll win in and represent our province. :D



  • For anyone curious, Mani went on to top 8 in 3rd place, but lost in the quarters so won't be going to World's unfortunately.

    Troll extraordinaire. PT Paris scrub out.


  • Glad to hear you went. Armored Warhorse > Chandra, the Firebrand. :)

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