Hello All!

  • Hey everyone. I'm Travis and I'm new to Kelowna. My wife Grace and I just moved here from Salmon Arm and we've been enjoying the amount of Kelowna we've been able to take in. We're both pretty nerdy with our love for Lord of the Rings, Pokemon, and Batman: The Animated Series being some of the many things that brought us together. We're hoping to make some friends here in town just as nerdy as us and look forward to seeing some fellow geek faces when we have the cash to come out to Quantum. :)

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  • we are a bunch of avid gamers here at quantum always good to get a couple more.

  • Welcome Travis.
    If you are a 40K/Warmahcine/FOW kind of guy let me know.
    We have a pretty regular table top gaming group night on the weekends.

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