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  • Sup everyone. Ill keep it short and sweet. Heres my list of wants and haves. If im not posting or replying fast enough for you, just shoot me a text. #250-864-1060. Just no stalking lol.

    Immediate NEEDS:
    3 darkslick shores
    3 jace belerens
    1 tectonic edge

    5 blackcleave cliffs
    4 dragonskull summits
    1 razorverge thicket

    4 kalastria highborns
    3 consuming vapors
    3 dark tutelages
    2 grave titans
    2 haunting echoes(FOILS)
    2 chancellor of the drosses
    2 mortician beetles
    2 necrotic oozes
    1 death's shadow
    1 sheoldred, whispering one(promo FOIL)
    1 monomania
    1 call to the grave

    1 skinshifter
    1 creeping corrosion
    1 phyrexian hydra
    1 liege of the tangle
    1 ezuri's brigade
    1 asceticism
    1 phyrexian swarmlord
    1 terastodon(FOIL)

    2 molten psyches
    2 tunnel ignus
    1 chandra's phoenix
    1 kazuul, tyrant of the cliffs

    1 jace's archivist
    1 goliath sphinx
    1 psychic surgery
    1 chancellor of the spires
    1 mitotic manipulation
    1 xenograft
    1 quicksilver gargantuan
    1 inexorable tide

    1 tempered steel
    1 puresteel paladin
    1 phyrexian unlife
    1 archon of justice
    1 aegis angel
    1 phyrexian rebirth
    1 sunblast angel
    1 chancellor of the annex

    4 nim deathmantels
    3 grindclocks
    2 chimeric mass
    2 magnetic mines
    2 prototype portals(1 FOIL)
    1 venser's journal
    1 etched monstrosity
    1 steel hellkite
    1 contagion engine
    1 strata scythe
    1 phyrexian revoker
    1 phyrexian metamorph
    1 mindslaver
    1 spine of ish ash
    1 myr superion
    1 phychosis crawler
    1 thopter assembly(promo FOIL)
    1 artisan of kozilek(promo FOIL)

    So ya, give me some replies or a text. Im a regular at Quantum, so if you don't know me just ask for Bobby.

  • If anyones looking for commons or uncommon, just post your wants. Im not typing them all out. Word.

  • I want your metamorph mang. And stalking engaged.

    Troll extraordinaire. PT Paris scrub out.


  • You got it. I want my tarpits. Lol.

  • You'll get em when they arrive lol

    Troll extraordinaire. PT Paris scrub out.


  • Offre: 2x Darkslick Shores (6.00 each)
    1x Grave Titan (10.00)
    1x Jace's Archivist (1.50)
    1x Call to the Grave (.50)


  • Done my good man. I'll bring them tonight.

  • I want your foil terastodon :)

  • Just wondering, where are you guys getting the prices for the cards to balance trades?


  • If you search this website for cards you can price them out….Or you can go to and check prices out there.

    Uncing my way to victory.


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