Lightening Bolt

  • Hello everyone,

    I am an avid gamer who has lived in Kelowna for the past couple years, coming from Kamloops. Now that I have really started to settle into this new city, so I figure that it is about time to aquaint myself with the local games shop. I have gamed for quite some time now, and have dabbled in many systems over the years. My favorite games these days include:

    • Blood Bowl
    • Heroclix
    • Dr. Who RPG (and games based off of that system)
    • Shadowrun
    • Horrorclix

    And I have dabbled in D&D, Mutants and Mastermind, Nobilis, and Warhammer.

    These are but a few of my favorite things, and I hope to one day share these games with this wonderful city! Thank you~

    • Josh 'the Man of' Steele

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