Jace Test Rant

  • It's funny how many people mention this mythical "Jace test" when it comes to creatures. The sheer amount of people who don't realize that the removal we have available in standard (doom blade, gftt, dismember) that kills any 4/5 drop is staggering. I mean really, with Jace gone any deck that plays control will just have more removal, which will deal with the 4/5 drops that people seem to think they weren't able to run in standard. If you, like I do, read as many articles out there, the majority of professional magic players laugh at this "Jace test" people keep talking about. Something like Obliterator gets better, because the colour has so much disruption to set up playing it and ripping all of your opponents removal. Whereas something like Hero of Bladehold will still rarely ever get to attack in current standard. Anyway, I just wanted to do my best to get rid of this rediculous theory on creatures being playable or unplayable. Not that it's overly important, but I keep reading random people in forum threads talking about it and saying "yay xxxx is playable without Jace!"

    Troll extraordinaire. PT Paris scrub out.


  • obliterator will only see the night of day if someone is not prepared for it. Why do people think they could not play creatures with jace around? Because of his bounce ability? If you are playing aggro then that is nothing but a hiccup in what is going to happen on turn five.

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