New to warhammer 40k

  • Hey so i'm looking to get into the game i'm just looking for a group or even one person to play with regularly.

  • I have been collecting for years, but really haven't actually played. So if you are looking for another newbie to get into the hobby with I would be open for that.

  • Hello,

    I have been in the hobby for almost a decade now. I recently moved back here for school, so I'm looking for some people to play against. I could easily show you the ropes.

    My armies:

    4.5k of Black Templars
    2k of Grey Knights

  • Hey, I've been playing for about 5 years now and am just looking to play some new people. If your interested let me know!



  • Hello Squishy 'umies,

    24 year old mature/respectful and fairly laid back player. I have played a few games at Quantum but mostly games with friends at home. My Orks are all primed and most of them are at least partially painted. I'm looking to play more games at the store for practice with los blocking terrain, new codices and for constructive feedback. Still learning the finer points of wound allocation and multi-assaults but I have the broader rules down. I have my own templates/dice/rulebook/codex and can bring a bastion or two if needed for terrain. If you don't mind playing against the Dakka of my Orks and would like a game or two, shoot me an email!

    I have only played against the following armies:

    Vanilla Marines

    I can bring a well rounded army up to about 2000 points. I do not play Apocalypse, at least not yet.

    To reach me for possible times and dates to play, email:

    The best days to catch me for a game at the moment are Friday and Saturday.


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