Dungeon Lords

  • Dungeon Lords Players:(2-4)


    Learning Curve : D

    • A large amount of reading is needed
    • Many of the components are unintuitive

    Fun Factor : A

    • Plays like a boardgame version of Dungeon keeper

    Replay Value : A

    • Many different strategies can be used
    • Relies heavily on strategy

    Component Quality : B

    • Good quality pieces that are in full color
    • So many pieces means eventually you may lose some


    I bought this game while on a trip a while back. It is hard to get into however when you do it is amazing. Strategy plays a major part with luck taking a major backseat and being mainly irrelevant. If you don't mind reading and referencing rules until you know them then you may give this a miss. That being said if you want a fun game of strategy and dungeon management you would be doing yourself a dis-service to give this game a pass.

  • Pretty accurate review of the game. I'm quite fond of it, wish I could say the same for most of the other members of my regular Boardgaming group. Well thought out and implemented game, just pray you don't have any palandins coming to visit your Dungeon!

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